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Admission Requirements

Enrollment (TCSD Policy JBC)
In order for a child to enroll in the Tate County School District, the student’s parents/guardians
must provide the information listed below. Upon receipt of this information, the school
administration will make the appropriate classroom assignment.
1. Annually: Two proofs of the child’s residence in accordance with Residency Verification
Policy and state law. (State Board of Education Policy 68.1, MS Code 37-15-29)
2. Annually: A student not living with a parent must present official documentation as to
guardianship status. (MS Code 37-15-11)
3. Once: A CERTIFIED birth certificate for the child. (MS Code 37-15-1)
4. Twice: A proper immunization report issued through the family physician or through the
health department. Once in Kindergarten and once when entering 7th grade. (MS Code


Compulsory School Age Child (TCSD Policy JBB and JBC)
“Compulsory-school-age child” means a child who has attained or will attain the age of six (6)
years on or before September 1 of the calendar year and who has not attained the age of
seventeen (17) years on or before September 1 of the calendar year; and shall include any child
who has attained or will attain the age of five (5) years on or before September 1 and has
enrolled in a full-day public school kindergarten program.
If a compulsory-school-age child has not been enrolled in school within fifteen (15) calendar
days after the first day of the school year or if a child has accumulated five (5) unlawful absences
during the school year, the superintendent or his/her designee shall, within two (2) school days or
within five (5) calendar days, whichever is less, report, on the form provided by the State
Department of Education, the absences to the school attendance officer. The superintendent, or
his designee shall report any student suspensions or student expulsions to the school attendance
officer when they occur.
(MS Code 37-13-91)


Verification of Student Residency Required (TCSD Policy JBC)
The definition of student residence for school attendance purposes is that the student physically
resides full time, weekdays/nights and weekends, at a place of abode located within the limits of
the school district.
This policy requires that all school districts absolutely verify a student’s residence for
determination as to whether the student may legally attend a school in the district.
The Tate County School District must verify residence on each student to be enrolled yearly.
Post office box numbers are not acceptable for verification purposes. A street address/name
must be provided. Two current proofs of residence are required. Proofs of residency must
be original documents and will be authenticated before being accepted as proofs; these
proofs must be dated within the past 30 days. Home visits may be made to verify.

*One Proof must be a Utility bill (power or gas which is current at time of registration).

One Proof can be from the below list:
1. Current (within the school year) mortgage documents (no mortgage booklets) or
property deed, filed Homestead Exemption Application Form, apartment or home
lease or rental agreement.
2. Driver’s license (valid during school year)
3. Voter precinct identification (current at time of registration)
4. Automobile registration (valid during current school year)
5. Affidavit and/or personal visit by a designated school district official
6. Any other documentation that will objectively and unequivocally establish that the
parent or guardian resides within the school district
7. Certified copy of filed petition for guardianship if pending and final decree when


Transfer Student from Accredited School or Program (TCSD Policy JBCD)

• The school will request records for the transfer student.
• Transfer students are not to consider themselves officially enrolled until all records are
complete and on file.
• A transfer student may be classified and register for classes if he/she brings proof of
withdrawal from previous school and a last report card or an unofficial copy of his/her
records, but the school reserves the right to change the student’s classification and class
schedule if the previous school’s records indicate that a mistake was made in either.
• Proof of residence in Tate County is required.
• All students seeking to transfer from any school, public or private, within or outside of
the boundaries of the State of Mississippi, to a public school within the Tate County
School District may be required to take a test to determine the grade and class to which
the pupil shall be assigned at the time of public transfer.
• The Tate County School District (TCSD) does not accept students who have been
expelled from another school/school district until such time as the expulsion period
assigned by the other school/school district has ended.
• Any student transferring into TCSD who was in an alternative school program in the
transferring district will automatically be placed in the TCSD alternative program until
such time as TCSD personnel can make a decision as to proper placement.
(MS Code 37-15-33)



Transfer Student from a Non-Accredited School or Program (TCSD Policy JBCD &
•Any transfer student from a program (correspondence, tutorial, or home study) will be
given an assessment approved by the Tate County School District’s Superintendent of
Education to determine the appropriate classification of the student.
• The district office or administrative head of each public school shall ensure that each
pupil applying for transfer shall be tested within thirty (30) days after the filing of such
application for transfer. Notice of the administering of such test(s) shall be given to the
applicant not less than five (5) days prior to the date of the administration of such test.
• No transfer of a pupil shall be affected until the test(s) has been given and the pupil is
assigned according to the grade and class for which the test shows he/she is best suited.
• No pupil shall be assigned to a grade and class more than three (3) grades above or below
the grade or class that the pupil would have been assigned to if the pupil remained in the
school or program from which the transfer is being made.
• Pending the administration of the test herein provided for and its grading and an
assignment based thereon the Superintendent of the Tate County School District or the
building principal to which the pupil seeks admission may assign the pupil temporarily to
a grade and class comparable to that in which the pupil would have been had the pupil
continued in the school or program from which the transfer is being made.
(MS Code 37-15-33)


Please see the Tate County School District Parent/Student Handbook or call the school for more information on enrollment and registration.